Workflows Edit

Editing a Workflow

You can edit a workflow by clicking on the Edit button for a workflow in the list. This shows API calls that make up the workflow and the variables, if any, that are set at each stage of the workflow.

The variables extracted from earlier stages can be used as inputs in the later stages. The last stage will not have any variables set as there are no further stages for any variable to be used in.

If you click on the Conditions button, you can edit the conditions for the component of the workflow.

The Property Path, such as ['items'], is a reference to a value in the returned JSON payload. In this example:

  • ['items'] refers to the collection of items returned in the JSON payload
  • 0 is the first entry in entries (items are counted from 0)
  • id is the entry with the name id

A variable with the name ID is set to the value of ['items']