The Basics

Adding authentication to API calls with our authentication and token manager

The Basics

Within APImetrics you can set up a type of authentication to be used with a call, or set of calls - that will be something like an API Key, OAuth and so on, and then, within the type of authentication you can set the TOKEN to be used.

Authentication Settings

From the Authentication and Tokens menu item you will have a list of the Auth settings you have configured. These can be viewed by name or domain and type of authentication.


Selecting Create New Authentication allows you to set up a new authentication type.

Creating an Authentication Configuration

There are 3 things to consider when creating a new authentication configuration.

  1. The domain the AUTH will call - this can help with identification and for automating certain aspects of the auth process
  2. The type of authentication - we have wizards available to help with OAUTH flows and more - here you can also trigger a workflow or API call when the CALL BACK feature is invoked after signing into an external service
  3. ADVANCED - here you can create MTLS certificates


Tokens are set and configured for an Authentication Setting - i.e. you could have multiple OAUTH tokens for the same domain with each one using a different scope.
In the example, we're going to create a manual token with an API Key for use in the call string.


Select CREATE TOKEN and then configure the variables for either the header or a call parameter.


Using the AUTH settings and TOKEN

Once you have saved the AUTH settings and TOKEN now when you go back to your call, you will be able to see them in the AUTH drop down in the call editor.