Groups of projects and users can be managed in Organizations.


Enterprise users only

The features described here are only available for our Enterprise customers.

Organizations are a group of projects with a common billing administration. They are also a group of users, who share access to some or all of the projects.

Organization management


Follow the [Admin] link in the Sidebar, or by selecting the Organization name in the top bar dropdown will take you to the Organization Admin page.


The top section contains some information about the Organization, and lets you view the audit logs for the organization, and enforce 2-factor authentication for all users in the Organization.
The next section lists all the Projects in the Organization, and who has access to them, and at what level. Users in blue are users who are external to your Organization, grey are members of your Organization.


Use the Create Project... link to Create a new project. If a Project has no roles or accounts assigned, it can be removed from your Organization permanently with the delete button.
Access can also be managed by Project owners, from the Projects admin page. The advantage of using Organization is that you also have the ability to give control access to Projects by Roles (see below).
Use the drop down to assign an account or Role to the project.



Organizations have two default roles: DEFAULT and ADMIN. Accounts with the ADMIN role can access the Organization Admin page. When an account is added to the Organization, by default it has the DEFAULT role.
In the Projects list (above), instead of giving a specific account access to a project, you can give access to a Role. Then all accounts with that Role will have that access to that project.


You may create other Roles using the Create Role... link

Accounts and Invites

Below the Roles are the list of Accounts in the Organization. You may assign each account multiple Roles. You may also remove accounts from your Organization, removing their access permanently.

To add accounts to your Organization, use the Create Invite... link.


The email address entered will be sent an email, and they will be able to join your Organization. By default, when joined, they will have the DEFAULT role.