APImetrics API Overview

Guide to using APImetrics directly with API calls

Key Concepts

Anything you can do with the User Interface, you can do via API call. We also have sample Python code available on GitHub.

  • Create API calls
  • Edit existing calls
  • Create and manage authentication settings
  • Access reports and statistics
  • Pass through variables and other items
  • Create and manage workflows

A full list of the API calls with examples can be found in the API reference section.

Generate an API Key

Under the 'Advanced' options in the navigation, select 'APImetrics API' and generate an API Key.

Once generated the API Key can be used as a parameter or a header item.

GET /path HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Bearer API_KEY

Replace "API_KEY" with your actual key.


Debugging Help

Note that when developing using our API, you can also specify a query parameter "debug=1" which will enable pretty-printing of the JSON results.