Insights Reports

Understanding and working with the insights reports

Insight reports are broken down into the following sections:

  • General information - the CASC score, issues impacting that score and general information on passrates, trends and locations and clouds that could be problematic
  • Performance Outliers - a graphical view of outlier events broken down by cloud location and type
  • Outliers and Failures - broken down by Cloud, region or location
  • Latency - broken down by cloud, region or specific cloud location

Summary Information

The top section provides high-level information on the general quality of the API include the key issues impacting the quality CASC score as well as pass rates, trends and latency data points.


Outlier Analysis

The outlier analysis graphically shows latency outliers by type:

  • cloud location they occurred
  • failures
    The light background is an indication of the number of outlying events that day. The lighter shading in the background indicates that a cluster has been detected where the outlying events seem to be related.
    The drop down at the bottom of the view allows you to jump straight to a specific outlying result.

Outlier Incidence

The final set of views can provide you with a comparative view by Cloud, Region or individual cloud location.