API Call

Want to know if there are any issues with your API endpoints? Set up your API calls.

If you can type in a URI you can make an API call with APImetrics. Adding security and conditions is a little more complex but we can help with the experience.

The key thing to remember with APImetrics is we are making and measuring how things work from the outside in, we are all about measuring things the way users, partners and customers will experience them.

Key Concepts

An API call is a real API call made to an API endpoint made by an APImetrics agent.

30 seconds to make your first call

Create the API call

Click the + Add API Call either from the side Navigation menu or the top left of the dashboard.

  1. Name Field for the API call
  2. Select the method GET, PUT, POST etc...
  3. EDIT the URI
  4. Save the call.

Make the API call

When you're ready, click Run Now for the call to be executed from our default server (Google US Central-1 (Iowa)) or click the dropdown to pick a specific location.

The call will then be executed and the results shown.



Runs the API call from our default server (Google - Iowa, USA) - the dropdown arrow allows you to pick a different location to run from.


There will be a short delay in showing results depending on location

As we're making the call from a remote, real, location, there will be a slight delay as the call is sent to the remote agent and then executed.

We will then show the result of the API call.



APImetrics is calling your server just like an end user would. If the call gives an error or the URI cannot be reached from outside you might want to consider internal test tools until you're ready to test.

Review the Result

Results will be shown immediately.

Finding your calls or results later

If you can't find your call or result, you can always click on the All Results option in the navigation menu or the API Calls option which will show you a list of all the calls you have defined.

Details are here.

Handling Authenticated APIs

Obviously most APIs need some form of security, this can be as simple as an API_KEY coded into the URI or as a parameter, or it can be a complex OAuth sequence. APImetrics handles all of the common forms of API security within the product. You can learn more here: Kinds of Authentication

What’s Next

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