Authentication Settings

Types of authentication supported natively by the APImetrics product

APImetrics has an authentication manager that is used to simplify the process of handling authentication for API calls. If you have API calls with authentication, you can create a authentication setup that can be used to authorize multiple calls.

Key Concepts

APImetrics breaks authentication into two parts

  • The authentication setup type such as API Key or OAuth
  • The token used by the authentication service.

Type of Authentication Supported

  • Basic Authentication - using a username and password in the call
  • API Key - a key placed in the header or the parameters of the call
  • OAuth - a multi-step authentication process involving a call to an external service to generate a token.

OAuth Authentication

OAuth is widely used standard for API authentication and authorization. APImetrics supports the following OAuth authentication flows in the product.

  • OAuth 1
  • OAuth 2
  • OAuth 2 + JWS
  • OAuth 2 + JWT


You cannot share your tokens

An authentication can have many tokens associated with it. Howver, because of security issues, we limit the sharing of individual tokens.