Introducing APImetrics

What you need to know first!

Introducing APImetrics

APImetrics lets you make and run API calls or sequences of API calls (workflows) from external, remote cloud locations using exactly the same security configurations as a typical end user would use. We then measure the performance and provide a set of integrated analyses and reports to enable users to understand how the APIs they provide, or consume, are working.

APImetrics is a low-code platform designed to be resilient, and make it easy to test many scenarios and cloud performance issues in a rapid way and provide data for all stakeholders.

Key Concepts

APImetrics organizes your API calls by projects (a group of API calls), collections (a group of projects) and organizations (usually an enterprise).

As a user you can create your own collections or you can subscribe to collections that we manage and curate for you.

You can invite multiple people to work on your projects and we provide different levels of user access for owners, editors and viewers.

Billing / Pricing Model

We bill for usage based on the number of API calls you make in a month in a particular project or organization (if you are an enterprise). We charge extra for access to some advanced features, such as enterprise level SSO with SAML, or a fully FIPS compliant HSM for storing digital signing keys.

Individual users pay per project with unlimited (within reason) users, while organizations can pay for unlimited (within reason) projects and users.

Individual projects can be paid for with a credit card for month-to-month accounts, or annually via an invoice.