Install With Akamai CDN

If you want APImetrics to monitor API calls in your Akamai CDN, use these steps to build an Akamai EdgeWorker.


This adaptor is currently in beta. Please contact us at [email protected].

Our Observability Adapter for Akamai CDNs allows you to monitor your live API traffic from Akamai, without configuring API calls manually in the APImetrics platform. By deploying this adapter, APImetrics can read API calls that are routed through Akamai, and automatically build your API Inventory. Once integrated, you can compare your live API traffic against your OAS spec, and set up synthetic endpoint monitoring automatically.


This integration is part of our Observation offering. If you are interested in using this integration, please contact us via our chat or email [email protected].


To be able to set up the APImetrics integration with Akamai, you will need:

  • Access to EdgeWorkers on your Akamai account.
  • The APImetrics code bundle, this is available by sending a request to [email protected].
  • Enhanced TLS enabled on the Property to which you wish to add the APImetrics EdgeWorker.

Create an EdgeWorker ID

To create an EdgeWorker ID, follow the instructions here in the Akamai documentation. We recommend setting the resource tier to Dynamic Compute for the APImetrics EdgeWorker.

Add EdgeWorker Behaviour

Once you've created an EdgeWorker ID, follow the tutorial here in the Akamai documentation to add an EdgeWorker Behaviour.

Deploy APImetrics Code Bundle

Create a new API Key for APImetrics by following the tutorial here and choosing Ingress as your Access Level. Next, you will be able to upload the APImetrics code bundle, by following the steps here. Since you are unable to edit the code bundle in the first version, you will have to create a new version and bump the version number to change the API Key to your newly generated API Key. Once you've created this new version you will be able to activate this version and API calls should now be populating your Inventory.

Optional: Updating Your API Key

If you want to update your API Key, you will need to create a new version and bump the version number like in the previous step, editing the API Key to your newly generated API Key.

What’s Next

Add these new API calls to your Schedules & Workflows: