Install with Express.js

If you want APImetrics to monitor API calls to a Node express.js server, use these steps to build the APImetrics adaptor into your application.

Download the Express.js Adaptor

To download the Express APImetrics adaptor, use the following:

npm i darkspark-expressjs-plug

To download to a specific directory, follow the guide here. Otherwise, this will automatically download to the node-modules folder in your root directory.

Include the APImetrics Adaptor in Your Express.js Application Source

In the source file in which your express instance is created, require the downloaded adaptor:

const { darkspark, darksparkVerify } = require("darkspark-expressjs-plug");

The darkspark function should be called with your Express application as its first argument, and your APImetrics API key as its second argument. To create a new API Key for APImetrics by following the tutorial here and choosing Ingress as your Access Level. For example:

const app = express();
darkspark(app, "key_abcdef");

The darksparkVerify function should be included in the verify option on any body-parser middleware you have installed on your application. Depending on your setup, this may look like any of the following:

    verify: darksparkVerify,
    verify: darksparkVerify,
    verify: darksparkVerify,
    extended: true,
    verify: darksparkVerify,

This completes the setup. The next time you deploy your application, incoming API calls will be captured by the Inventory.

What’s Next

Add these new API calls to your Schedules & Workflows: