Fundamentals of OAuth in APImetrics

Key concepts for using OAuth Authentication

OAuth is a mutli-step authentication system that will involve a user authenticating against an external application, where a dedicated 'Application' has been created.
The power of the integrated APImetrics OAuth handler is we can then manage scopes, refresh tokens and other features entirely separately to the logic of making API calls. This makes the upkeep and maintenance of your collections easier.


You will need...

  • Your app being set up at the receiving service
  • A ClientID and Secret
  • The URLs used by the authenticating service

1. Create or Access the App on the authenticating service

In the settings for the application you will need to verify that an application is ready for the API to call, and has been set up. You will then need to note the following:

  • ClientID
  • ClientSecret
  • The authorize URL
  • The Get Token URL

2. Set Call Back URL

This is essential for us to handle the Token returned by the system and handle the Token.

The CallBack process will also allow you to call another workflow or sequence to simplify saving tokens.

3. Create an OAuth Authentication Setup in APImetrics

You will need to put in the ClientID, Secret and the authentication URLs.

4. Create Token

You can use our wizard to handle the authentication process. This will take you to the external site, generate the token and pass this back to store in our product.
After the callback process has completed you have the option to run a follow on API call or workflow to handle the data returned.

5. Add the Authentication to the API call

Adding the Setting and the Token to the call is the last step, and we will take care of the rest.