Need to monitor your conformance with different standards or your own specifications? Use the Conformance feature

APImetrics aims to aid in the process of API conformance by creating features that will allow you to create standardized, reliable and secure APIs. With our Conformance feature, we show you how conformant your APIs are with your chosen Security Profile and your specifications, as well as its availability and performance. This ensures your APIs are secure for you and your customers and assesses whether your APIs are conformant or what needs to be improved.

To get to the Conformance section, select the Conformance option from the sidebar under Project Home.


Once a day, APImetrics will run the conformance checks against your select Security Profile and your uploaded OAS specs, to upload an OAS spec you can do this via the Files section in the sidebar or via the Inventory. You can also run the checks on demand by selecting the Evaluate Most Recent Results button at the bottom of the Summary page.


To choose your desired Security Profile, go to Project Settings and there will be a dropdown with the available Security Profiles in APImetrics. Learn more about the different Security Profiles here.

At the top of the Summary page, four different boxes show whether your Project is passing or failing in the following four categories: Security, Schema, Availability, and Performance. Selecting the repeat button will then give you the percentage rate of the checks. This gives a quick summary of the current state of the Project.

Underneath, there is a table, each row detailing all the checkpoints in the Security Profile, all the Schemas, the Performance and the Availability. Each of these rows can be expanded for a brief explanation of what checks are happening. For more information, you can view the Issue Details page.

The Issue Details tab will show all the issues that have been discovered by APImetrics, allowing for triaging with the Resolution Status and the creation of a remediation plan.

What’s Next

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