Global and Environment Variable Syntax

Syntax for using environment variables

The general expression for defining environment variables has the following form

{{ var_1 | var_2 | workspace_1.var_3 | $”any alternative text” }}

The environment variable expression must aways be written between a pair of opening braces and a pair of closing braces. The spaces in the expression can be omitted (the expression can be written with or without spaces). For instance, the above expression can be written as {{var_1|var_2|var_3|$”any alternative text” }}. Adding spaces increases readability,





Marker for the beginning of an expression


Marker for the end of an expression.


Marker separating alternatives


var1 First variable name to be searched for. Variable names can be composed of any letter from a to z and A to Z, any digit from 0 to 9 and the underscore char


Variable name to be searched for if var_1 is not defined


Workspace from which to retrieve var_3


Delimiter between workspace name and variable name


Variable name to be searched for, if var_2 is not defined.

$"any alternative text"

Alternative text if none of the variables are defined. Always the last element of the expression to be defined. Begins with: $” and end with: “