The Certificates page is a centralised location for your MTLS certificates, so you can use them across multiple different projects.

Instead of individually adding certificates to every project you own and updating them individually whenever they expire, APImetrics has the Certificates page so that all certificates are global. Simply go to your Organization Settings and there is a Certificates tab.

Add a Certificate

Simply, select the Add Certificate button.

From here you will be able to add a Name and the Certificate and Private Key.

Once you're finished, select the Add button to complete the process.

Update a Certificate

APImetrics will make you aware if a Certificate is about to or has already expired by highlighting the Expires text in orange (one month until expiration) or red (already expired).

To update one of your Certificates, simply select the row from the table and it will expand and show the same form as Add Certificate.

Add your new Certificate and Private Key. Once completed, select Save and the process will be completed.

Caching of Certificates

The certificates are cached so after a new certicates is uploaded it might be a certain period (up to an hour or more) before the cache is flushed and the new certificate comes into use.