Managing Downtime

Suspending your calls during downtime.

You can apply downtime to an individual schedule associated with an individual API call you're watching or to all your API calls if you're planning a maintenance window.

During this time, calls will not run.


Downtime ONLY applies to a project

At this time, downtime is per project. So if you have multiple projects you will need to apply downtime to all of them.


APImetrics interface for setting downtime.


Downtime will apply AFTER the last scheduled call has been executed

You might want to schedule some time around the start of your maintenance window - the reason is calls might be scheduled in the queue before the downtime starts and the call might start inside the window.

Suspending Alerts

If you would rather leave the calls scheduled, you can turn off the alerts for the period of downtime - this currently has to be done per alert and per project.