Insights Report object

Insights Object

KeyDescriptionExample Value
domainThe domain name for the API call""
nameThe name of the API CallExample API Call Name
start_dateStart date for the Insights Report"2018-08-20T00:00:00Z"
end_dateEnd date for the Insights Report"2018-08-27T00:00:00Z"
outlier_percentPercentage of Outliers found1.349340212322651
idID of the Report ID STRING
call_idCall ID ID STRING
mean_test_lengthMean Total Latency of the API Call in the report period688.93734991990391
report_typeReport is Monthly if 0, or Weekly if 11
scoreCASC Score759
pass_percentPercentage of Passing API calls in the report period99.097132652048813
sd_test_lengthStandard Deviation of the API calls for report period473.742535583235