Call Object

Description of the JSON that describes an API Call

The API Call object defines the HTTP request that we make from a Deployment. The request can have an Authentication Setting and Authentication Token applied to it.
Example object:

  "meta": {
    "domain": "", 
    "description": null, 
    "created": "2015-09-18T23:29:39.534120Z", 
    "tags": [], 
    "accept": null, 
    "last_update": "2015-09-18T23:29:39.534173Z", 
    "content_type": null, 
    "owner": "agxkZXZ-dmlhdGVzdHNyEQsSBFVzZXIYgICAgICAgAoM", 
    "name": "Minimal API test name"
  "request": {
    "body": null, 
    "parameters": [], 
    "url": "", 
    "auth_id": null, 
    "headers": [], 
    "token_id": null, 
    "method": "GET"
metaSee belowY
accessSee belowN
requestSee belowY


nameName of call for your referenceYes
descriptionDescription of call for your referenceNo
tagsList of tags for the call for your referenceNo
ownerID of owner of CallNo - readonly


methodHTTP method to useY
urlURL to callY
parametersList of request parameters to append to callN
headersList of headers to include in callN
bodyContent of POST or PUT callN
auth_idID of authentication settings to useN
token_idID of token to use with authentication settingsN