Release Notes - 12th of June 2024

What's New?

New Webhook Alert: OpenTelemetry & Axiom

You can now create a Webhook for OpenTelemetry & Axiom to send your APImetrics to Axiom or any vendor that accepts OpenTelemetry. We have a tutorial here on how to add a new webhook today.

Official Beta Release of Our Conformance Feature

Our Conformance feature has been released in its beta version. Here you can perform a multitude of tasks to see how your APIs conform.

Upload Your OAS Spec to See API Drift

On the main page of the Conformance feature, you can upload multiple OAS specs.

We'll match against your API calls and show you if they match your specs, allowing you to realign before the drift becomes too dramatic.

Select a Security Profile That Best Suits You

In the Conformance settings, you can choose between an array of Security Profiles that will run checks against your API calls to show how to match up to these standards. Depending on your subscription level, some Security Profiles may be unavailable. For more information, speak to our sales team.

Dive Deep Into All the Details of API Issues

You can easily peruse all your conformance issues on the Issue Details page. From here, you can track where different issues are in your pipeline. Choose from Open, Acknowledged, Muted, & Resolved to organise your remediation plans.

With This Release, SLA & SLO Management Has Moved

Your SLA & SLO settings have now moved from the Performance page to the Conformance page for easier navigation. Find it now under Conformance Settings.

Uptime Monitoring for Your Most Important APIs

In addition to full synthetic monitoring, you can now create a simple uptime monitor for your APIs or your suppliers' APIs. These tests monitor for downtime, as frequently as once per minute, depending on your subscription level. If you want to learn more, reach out to our sales team.

Akamai Agents Are Now Available

To facilitate our new uptime monitoring, we have launched new endpoints via Akamai Connected Cloud. These can now be found in our Scheduling feature.

A full list of all the new Akamai Connected Cloud endpoints can be found here, with IP addresses to be added to your allowlists and locations to broaden the scope of your current APIs.

Bug Fixes & Improvements


  • Better automatic OAS Specification uploading, tagging and URL matching.
  • Improved loading for the Conformance Issue Details & Conformance tabs.
  • Updated permissions for Viewers for Conformance Issue Details.
  • Fixed an issue with schema checks.
  • New and updated Security Profiles are now available.


  • Fixed an issue where incidents were triggering during downtime.
  • Updated agent lists to fix wrongly assigned agents.
  • Issue fixed where number of retries went over the user-defined limit.


  • Improved error messaging.
  • Clearer messaging on pages when loading.
  • Fixed an issue with user invites.