Release Notes - 29th of March 2024

What's New?

Ensuring Conformance with Our New Schema Validation Feature

We have revamped our Governance feature and changed it to Conformance. Now, your Security Profile checks will live here as well as our new Schema Validation tool. Upload as many of your OAS specs as you want via the Inventory or via the Files section. APImetrics will check these specs against your implemented API calls and show you all your results in the Conformance feature.

If you want to learn more about this exciting feature, we have a tutorial available here.

Starting From the Beginning? Level 0 Is for You

We have created a new Security Profile that checks for basic Authentication on each of your API calls. This is Level 0 and is a great place to start if the Security Profiles we already provide are overwhelming and you need something more entry-level. To learn more about this new Security Profile, we have a reference page here.

Security Profiles Have Moved!

With the shift to our Conformance feature, we have moved our Security Profile selector. It is now available in your Project Settings. From here you can choose from any of our available Security Profiles, which you can learn more about here.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

The Darkspark webhook is now automatically added when using a Security Profile. Improvements have been made to the FDX Security Profiles to make them even more accurate. Updates to Inventory to make the path and method of each API call clearer. Bug fix for calls to project-scoped APIs, Certification creation issues, and Results loading errors.