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What are the agent's IP addresses?

What are the source IP addresses for the remote agents for deployments?

OAUth2 Authentication setting always adding the token to url

Hello, how do we get authtoken generated using Oauth2 with client credentials not be urlencoded but added as a header.

Url Encoding

Is there a way to either fill in a complete url including parameters or prevent parameter(s) from being url encoded? One of our parameters includes a data url (data:[<mime type>][;charset=<charset>][;base64],<encoded data>) and we would like to perform tests with this parameter not being url encoded.

How to schedule API test for every 2 mins

How can i schedule a API test?

what is In-App Chat?

what is In-App Chat

How to pass SSO(Single Sign On) when calling a page

Problem: I'm a user of APImetrics. When I use api call to visit a page which is protected by SSO. Everyone who wants to log in URL will be redirected to SSO page. Once account's userid and password are authorizated rightly. URL displays. I read many times office documents and tried many ways. But nothing is works. I have no idea to find a solution how to get a authorization to pass SSO. Please help me to solve this problem.

Stopping Redirect in an API call

Hi, I have created a workflow consisting of 4 API calls. The 3rd call results in a redirect which results in loss of some codes, which I need as a variablke for the last API call. How can I stop the redirect in the 3rd API call?

What features would you like to see added?

We're open to public suggestions on features to be worked on.

Dynamic call

I need to have a dynamic API call for today's date. could you please guide me on that. Thanks

Where can I view my invoices?

As a subscriber, I'd like to be able to view my invoices.