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Delete a project

I have a trial project I'd like to delete from my collections. I can't see how to achieve this. Any pointers welcome, thanks.

Replicating workflows

Hi , we already have workflow setups for our nft monitoring. Now we want to set a similar thing for our prod monitoring. Is there a way to edit hostname all at once rather than editing each API calls hostname? Please suggest.

API key authentication.

Please suggest steps to add api key authentication in auth & tokens section.

Getting 403 forbidden

I'm getting 403 forbidden error both in try it option on webpage and also invoking an apimetrics api via apimetric + api calls console.

Is there a api to fetch project name details?

Want to know if there is a rest call to fetch the project details? Looking for something similar to this - https://docs.apimetrics.io/reference/calls

Where is the SAML configuration page

Where is the SAML configuration page?

what is In-App Chat?

what is In-App Chat

Url Encoding

Is there a way to either fill in a complete url including parameters or prevent parameter(s) from being url encoded? One of our parameters includes a data url (data:[<mime type>][;charset=<charset>][;base64],<encoded data>) and we would like to perform tests with this parameter not being url encoded.

How to schedule API test for every 2 mins

How can i schedule a API test?

OAUth2 Authentication setting always adding the token to url

Hello, how do we get authtoken generated using Oauth2 with client credentials not be urlencoded but added as a header.